Walmart Tire Center in Columbus, OH

Tires are something that all vehicle owners will need to replace sometimes, but it can be challenging to find them at fair prices. Walmart tires in Columbus keeps a wide range of vehicle tires in stock at affordable prices, meaning that customers will usually find what they need. In some cases, odd-sized tires may need to be ordered in, but there is not normally a long wait for the stock to arrive. Other services offered at Walmart tires in Columbus include replacing faulty valves, repairing flat tires, and wheel balancing. Customers can shop elsewhere in Walmart while tires are being fitted on their vehicles.

We’ve located 3 Columbus Walmart Tire Center locations.

Address: 3900 Morse Road, Columbus, OH 43219
Phone: (614) 476-2284

Address: 5200 Westpointe Plaza Drive, Columbus, OH 43228
Phone: (614) 876-7060

Address: 1221 Georgesville Rd, Columbus, OH 43228
Phone: (614) 275-9831

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